I’m Nekoken and major in network engineering(though I prefer to learn towards the line of CS/Big data).

Currently I’m a junior student and based in Beijing city.

I think my daily life is fruitful which includes:

  • Study.
  • Reading (Literature, Novel, History, Math/CS theory, History, Psychology, Science Fiction).
  • Work out/Exercise (Especially when being in a high-pressure status).
  • Writing blog.
  • Wander around in some natural/historical spots.

My goal is to build a complete skill-tree and try to earn some living expenses.

I have focused on machine learning and front-end.

Besides ,I also wanna mine towards data structure and algorithm, os/computer architecture, computer network, database, math.

Linux/Unix is also my fav.

My favourite programming languages include C/C++/Python/HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

copyright copyright copyright copyright copyright copyright HTML5 copyright Pandas NumPy LaTeX Vue.js Bootstrap copyright GitHub GNU Shell VIM Docker copyright Linux Ubuntu Windows 11 Jupyter MySQL Flask

My favourite slogan is that ‘Maintain your battling spirit at times of hardship, spread your words when success strolls’.

p.s. Favourite songs: Last Dance by Wubai, Gotta Have You by The Weepies, Embrace by Mayday, Ours by Taylor Swift and so on. Favourite Movie: Your Name.(kiminowa) directed by Makoto Shinkai. Favourite Books: Three Body, At the Existentialist Cafe.

Write these things down to remind me of the current mission, seize the time and don’t let it go away from me once again.


update: 2023.04.02 10:01, located in Beijing.



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