Financial Planning

Revenue Structure

Revenue for PowerPal is mainly generated from membership fees, and the number of members is expected to increase every year as a consequence of continuous marketing campaigns and a stronger brand reputation. As the number of fitness studios and gyms grows on the platform, starting from the second year, PowerPal offers advertising options in the form of sponsored ads and banner ads to help them increase views and conversion rates within the platform.

Revenue TypeYear 1Year 2Year 3
Monthly membership   
    50 credits£35*600=£21000£35*800=£28000£35*1000=£35000
    100 credits£60*300=£18000£60*400=£24000£60*500=£30000
    150 credits£75*100=£7500£75*150=£11250£75*200=£15000
Monthly membership (for companies)   
    50 credits£35*300=£10500£35*350=£10500£35*400=£14000
    100 credits£60*100=£6000£60*150=£9000£60*200=£12000
    150 credits£75*50=£3750£75*100=£7500£75*150=£11250
Yearly membership (for companies)   
    50 credits£336*50=£16800£336*100=£33600£336*150=£50400
    100 credits£576*25=£14400£576*50=£28800£576*75=£43200
    150 credits£720*10=£7200£720*20=£14400£720*30=£21600
Three-Year Revenue Forecasting

Cost Structure

PowerPal will pay the fitness studios and gym 30% of the revenue when customers book their classes and successfully attend the classes. To facilitate the calculation, it is assumed that all of the members will use up their credits. Other main costs include marketing and advertising fees, which will greatly invest in the first year, as well as expenses that contribute to the operation of the business such as company registration fee, office rental fee, insurance fee, and employee salaries. As the company grows, PowerPal plans to recruit more employees to support the development of the company.

Cost TypeYear 1Year 2Year 3
Company registration fee£8000£5000£5000
Marketing and advertising fee£12000£10000£10000
Partner fee£105150*30%=£31545£167050*30%=£50115£232450*30%=£69735
Employee salaries£20000*2=£40000£20000*3=£60000£20000*5=£100000
Office rental£200*2*12=£4800£200*3*12=£7200£200*5*12=£12000
Other expenses£3000£3000£3000
Three-Year Cost Forecasting


Based on the forecasted revenue and cost, the profit of the recent three years can be derived, which are estimated to be £5305, £35235, and £40215 accordingly.

TypeYear 1Year 2Year 3
Three-Year Profit Forecasting



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