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In essence, PowerPal functions as an online marketplace that assembles the classes and sessions, such as personal coaching, yoga and pilates classes, indoor cycling workouts, as well as massage sessions, offered by fitness studios, wellness centers, and gyms that partner with PowerPal. Customers have to join the monthly or yearly membership of PowerPal to sign up for the classes they want to attend.

The unique value proposition delivered by PowerPal is that first, there will be sufficient courses to prevent customers from a situation in which they want to take workout classes while there are no classes available. Second, the platform meets customer workout needs as much as possible, which allows customers to gain muscle, lose weight, or shape their bodies through aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. Lastly, changes in types and places of workouts are exhilarating and entertaining as customers will not get bored. They might also challenge themselves by engaging in workouts they have no experience with before.


PowerPal employs a credit system, in which each class will be assigned from 5 to 25 credits based on the length and difficulty level of the classes, incrementing by 5 credits. There are three levels of membership which correspond to different numbers of credits as displayed in Table 1. There is 20% off on yearly membership compared to monthly membership. Furthermore, PowerPal collaborates with companies, which companies can utilize PowerPal as an employee benefit as employees purchase monthly membership at a lower price.

CreditsMonthly Membership PriceMonthly Membership Price (for Companies)Yearly Membership Price
PowerPal Membership Details


The process of joining membership and making reservations for classes happens on PowerPal, which is online. The classes take place in the corresponding physical fitness studios and gyms, which are offline. PowerPal plans to collaborate with fitness studios and gyms in London to start its business, then expand to other large cities, and eventually operate its service in more cities in the United Kingdom.


Primarily, PowerPal utilizes digital marketing channels to promote the platforms, including paid advertising, social media ads, influencer marketing, and search engine marketing. As the market share and revenue grow, PowerPal might consider applying traditional advertising like TV, newspapers, and billboards.

Target Customers

owerPal targets young people who are health conscious while enjoying trying various workouts and wellness experiences as well as loving to meet people and make friends. Thus, PowerPal will build its brand image as energy, vibrance, innovation, and authenticity.

DemographicAge: 18-34 including both working professionals and college studentsGender: both female and male
GeographicLocation: large cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham; will expand to suburbs of these cities
PsychographicHealth consciousLove to meet people and make new friendsNeophilics who enjoy trying new things – new workouts, new online platforms, and new lifestyles
BehavioralWork out regularlyPrefer group fitness classes or indoor workouts
Characteristics of the target customers