What is PowerPal

PowerPal is an online platform that provides consumers with access to fitness classes and physical training programs from numerous fitness clubs, wellness centers, gyms, dance studios, and even spas. The platform aims to help customers improve their fitness, health, and physical well-being, which through market research, it is identified great opportunities in this intersect of gym, health and fitness club industry and the technology industry in the United Kingdom, owing to people’s workout habits, the economic growth, government support, and technological advancements. After customers join the monthly or yearly membership of PowerPal, they will be able to reserve the classes or sessions, and then check in and attend the class offline in the gyms or fitness clubs.

The unique value proposition delivered by PowerPal is that due to more class options in terms of amount and variety compared to conventional gym membership, there will be sufficient courses to prevent customers from a situation in which they want to take workout classes while there are no classes available. It will meet customers’ workout needs as much as possible including gaining muscle, losing weight, or shaping their bodies. Moreover, changes in types and places of workouts are exhilarating and entertaining as customers will not get bored. They might also challenge themselves by engaging in workouts they have no experience with before. Thus, PowerPal targets young working professionals and college students in large cities, who are health conscious, work out regularly, and enjoy trying new things, reaching them via digital marketing channels including paid advertising, social media ads, influencer marketing, and search engine marketing.